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This mixed media collage incorporates a sliver of paper from the Nikki Giovanni page on which "Ego Tripping" appears in the anthology of poetry titled In Search of Color Everywhere, a book which offered to me, for the first time (back in high school), a window into the vast world of Black poetry. As a teacher, I was passionate about and an advocate of a more diversified curriculum. We have so far to go, but books like this are a reminder of how grand our contributions have been.


Pictured with Children of Promise and Joy in the Blues (sold separately, but contact Akwi directly for a discount to purchase all three).


Paper and fabric collage handstiched on acrylic paper; 2021; framed dimensions: 13.25 x 16.25

Professionally framed using UltraVue anti-reflective glass (with up to 70% UV protection)

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