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About My Art.

For more than 20 years, I've had the incredible honor of making art. For most of those years, I focused on making art with my words and voice. Visual art has been a part of my personality for a very long time, though it wasn't until 2020 that I more fervently directed a healthy dose of my creative efforts into visual art. The work below is a representation of my art practice and includes the first piece I created in my 20s. It was a gift to a friend and would be the inspiration for a launching point when I catapulted myself into making art full-time in 2020. 


Since 2020, I've sent hundreds of pieces off to galleries and museums for exhibition or into collectors' homes (including of the esteemed opera singer Simon Estes). I've exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Mostly, though, I've come to discover that my heart is in the practice of making art that brings people home. Home to laughter, home to adventure, home to contemplation, home to nature, home to each other.


- Akwi

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