Writer, Artist, Maker

Akwi Nji creates as a writer, performer, and visual artist. Her work and words have appeared on stage from California's Wine Country Festivals to New York's Fashion Week. She is a former Iowa Arts Council Fellow, founder of The Hook, and producer of literary multi-media arts events in the Midwest.

Her visual art takes the shape of textile narratives which serve as visual manifestations of her exploration of race, gender, Black history as American history, and a parallelism of current social issues with their historical and cultural counterparts. As a writer, voice artist, performer, and producer her collaborative partners include Emmy-award winning composers, nationally-renowned dancers and choreographers, and companies and organizations ready to think differently about the power of story told through art.

Akwi was born in Iowa City, Iowa, and raised in Cameroon, Africa. Her experiences as a Cameroonian and Cameroonian American inform her work as she explores the intersections of gender, parenthood, race, political and social issues, tensions between "outsider" and "insider", and concepts of geographical and spiritual home. She lives in the midwest with her two daughters.

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