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What Akwi brings to the table.

Content Strategy  Writing Creative Throughline Design

Event Content   Social Media

Event Design    Fundraising  Creative Initiatives

Many non-profits and small businesses -- even those that have been in business for decades -- recognize the importance of harnessing the power of creative and research-based storytelling strategies to amplify their identity and brand story. They just don't know how to do it. And of course they don't. It's not their job, but it's been mine. I bridge the corporate and creative worlds to bring brand stories to life in ways that boost efficiency and inspire agency.

Akwi Nji. Creative Storyteller


Content Strategy

So you want to tell your brand story differently! Let's get at it. You may have already invested in videos, professional photo shoots, or a rebrand but don't know how to use what you've invested in. Let's make the most of your investment.


Creative Throughline Design 

This is Akwi's speciality. She can harness the power of your current brand identity and develop a thorough strategy that aligns your brand across multiple platforms and over the course of a year.



Keep your stakeholders in the know and inspired to keep giving. Akwi's research-based approach to fundraising combines an annual communication plan (mailings, appeals, and e-appeals) with powerful content to boost efficiency.


Creative Inititiatives

So you want to tell your brand story uniquely! Let's get at it. This is where we get to think really differently about how you tell your story. Let the fun begin!



From speech writing or video scripts to drafting content for a series of in-depth communications, Akwi's professional background covers it all.


Event Content

As an artist who has also spent almost two decades in corporate arenas, Akwi's approach to event content bridges these worlds in uniquely memorable, professional, and impactful ways.


Event Design

Whether it's an annual fundraiser or a one-off event, Akwi's research-based strategies on how to leverage the natural arc of a live event elevates an 'event' to an unforgettable experience. 


Social Media Strategy + Content

A team of one or a team of 10 can get surprising results with a few critical tweaks to social media content and strategy. Let's talk about content, platforms, and timing to boost your impact.

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