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Mama, The Last Time I was Home

Mama, The Last Time I was Home

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This is a tribute to all the mothers who at once fear and stand ready to fight, the mothers who cradle our loves and embrace them softly while standing vigilant and always prepared to turn vigilante if we must.


We, as mothers, embrace, protect, shield, love -- as best we know how.  "The Last Time I was Home" is the first line of a poem titled "Mothers" by one of our literary queens Nikki Giovanni. May the days of worry about our children meeting untimely and unnecessary death eventually wane. May we rejoice and love, protect and stabilize. May we also mobilize in action, voice, and vote.


unframed; 5w X 8.2h x1d; linen, found stone and bead, gold wire, tweed, cotton, tulle

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