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This piece was inspired by Nikki Giovanni's poem titled "Legacies":


her grandmother called her from the playground

          "yes, ma'am"

          "i want chu to learn how to make rolls," said the old

woman proudly

but the little girl didn't want

to learn how because she knew

even if she couldn't say it that

that would mean when the old one died she would be less

dependent on her spirit so

she said

         "i don't want to know how to make no rolls"

with her lips poked out

and the old woman wiped her hands on

her apron saying "lord

         these children"

and neither of them ever

said what they meant

and i guess nobody ever does


I wonder if, even in my most effortful moments, I say to my children what I truly mean. Or say it in a way they can understand its essence. I sure try to pass down information or knowledge, express love, and say what I mean in the best way I know how. May our greatest legacy be love!


unframed; 5.25w x 8h x 1.5d; tweed, cotton, tulle, satin, linen, hemp, gold wire, wood beads, natural stone

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