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All New Sunsets (Summer)

All New Sunsets (Summer)

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This was one of five textile narratives that sold as a set before I could get them to my website, but I'd like to share them with you here, anyway. Four of them represent the seasons of 2020 and the 5th represents the way I hope we can all pause and take a moment to take stock and measure the year: Season of Love. 

When I created these, I'd been thinking about how I measure the last year between the day I completed this set and and exactly one year — or 525,600 minutes — prior when the world shut down for me. We all looked at the calendar around the same time Marhc 2021, I think, and could point to a day last year when everything changed for each of us. With all the loss and the chaos of the last year, I hope we can also measure it in the ways we’ve loved.


If this concept resonates with you and you’d like something similar, shoot me a DM!


This one is All New Sunsets (Summer). The series included all five:
1. TITLE: A/Glow (Spring) 5.5x7
2. TITLE: All New Sunsets (Summer) 5.5x7.5
3. TITLE: Ride the Wave (Fall) 5.5x7.5
4. TITLE: Hunkered Down (Winter) 5.5x7.5
5. TITLE: We Loved, Still (the season of love)

Fabric, bead, wire, thread canvas-wrapped; 2021

The beads I've used for my textile narratives are pieces I've had since my daughters were toddlers. For the concept of the textile narratives and in the context of global shutdown, when I needed to create with what I had in my house, their use is intentional and the deconstruction and recycling of them as fitting to our times.

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