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"With this work, I wanted to play. ...Seek refuge in my own writing, my own making. ... Invite others to do the same. Who is this for? Artists, parents, mothers and daughters, anyone who loves or has loved, myself. The visual art and poetry album serves as love notes to myself and to others. There's something here, I think, for everyone. Thank you for taking a listen and journeying in this life with me. It’s a beautiful ride." -- Akwi


The audio-visual experience was on view as a solo exhibition at CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in February and March 2023. The audio album (in full on this page) accompanies the visual exhibition as a homage to the themes and motifs which informed the art in enuf.

enuf explores movement, intimacy + connection, compassion + joy, urgency. The imagery and written content is inspired by the theme of “being enough” (and adopts the spelling of ‘enuf’ as used by poet and playwright Ntozake Shange) that emerged in Akwi's writings and correspondences (to herself and others) since June 2020. The lyrics and lines in the audio album are drawn directly from Akwi's writings, in some cases in letters mailed to herself and written in first and second person.

Official Release: March 18, 2023. 

Written and voiced by Akwi Nji.


Produced, recorded, and arranged by Lyrikal TMG. Executive produced by Lyrikal TMG and Akwi Nji.

Details: Cover Art and Layout by Akwi Nji

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