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New York Fashion Week
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The sample above is one of three parts and was performed with choreographed movement at New York Fashion Week. She also collaborates with videographers for commissioned projects like #GenerationShe.


Akwi has written commissioned work or performed for companies and organizations across the country including the African American Museum of Iowa, Women Lead Change, the Clinton Foundation and Her Flag, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and dozens of colleges and universities.  

She writes in poetry or prose designed primarily to be experienced as spoken word. Although she often performs solo, she also collaborates with dancers, performers, videographers, or musicians to see her works come to full life.

She is part poet, part storyteller, all documentarian -- drawing from her journalism background -- to bear witness to the stories of our time through words meant to be heard. 

Akwi Nji with book

Photo Credit: Amanda Dee Photography

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